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New Milford is a Gilmore Girls Town

Our little Connecticut town has a beautiful town Green, a gazebo (we call it a bandstand), and even the occasional town troubadour.  Best of all, we have a bookstore very similar to Black-White-Read, the shows quirky used bookstore.


Nothing is more Gilmore than a great bookstore!  As huge fans of the show, we have a dedicated Gilmore Girls section including:


Gilmore Girls Cookbooks

Books by Lauren Graham

Hard to Find Gilmore Girls Academic Publications

Gilmore Inspired Maps of New Milford

Merch: Stickers, Pins, Tote Bags, Magnets, Mugs

AND Rory's Reads, a shelf dedicated to Rory's reading list.  We even show the occasional GG inspired film. Come for a visit, have a cup of tea, stay for a while.  We would love to see you!

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